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Join us on the Bean Journey: we plant the seed, honor—and celebrate the harvest. 


520 Bridge Street, Richmond, Vermont 05477 • INFO: 802.793.6006


Photos by the Bean

Magical Alchemy


Everyday, we work to make wonderful things happen: a new collaboration, a finer relationship, a grounding circle—solid connection and information...fabulous design.



Bean of the Fields

TAROT/Astrology • Herb work • product design

Here, we create beauty and make magic—sparked by nature, spirit, cosmos and joy of humanity. Throughout the year, we offer Tarot and Council. We create herbal blends and craft. The shop is open Thursday - Saturday, 5274 Main St, Waitsfield, VT 05673.

Stowell Farm

workshops • circles • cousel 

The farm offers a peaceful space for spiritual health, education and wellbeing. We offer introduction and opportunity. Workshops and circles provide connection and inspiration. Council is offered in connection with Bean of the Fields. 



nourishing community

In our various crafts, knowings and magik, we weave a tapestry to engage, enliven, ground and energize. Here are our fertile grounds: we nuture Soul Truth, spiritual community, wholeness, connection and vibrance. 


Design Alchemy

collaborative graphic creative

The process is completely collaborative. Together, we distill down to the essential and true essence(s), and create the visuals that are in perfect alignment—and support completely. This process I call Design Alchemy." 

Where the Magic happens...


This is a "thin" space: A "high place:" where the veil is thin.