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Tarot is a means of self-reflection, consideration and movement. Together, we ask the cards for clues and cues; tap into your inner wisdom and intuition; seek hidden truths; and find direction and guidance. In some cases, we begin with the basics and move to the spiritual. In others, we dive into the deeper essences—often empowering or charging with correspondences (astrology, numerology, herbs, crystals and oracle). Click here for pricing and booking. 

"The unconscious mind connect to the collective unconscious and provides what we need. The Answers are within us."


are available in person, via Zoom or Skype. May be recorded and photographed. Book here or at magicoma.com. For a quick list of my studies and schooling, click here.

Tarot Immersion

The immersion is an awesome collaborative/interactive learning experience. We meet x3/mo over three months (via Zoom or in person). We first define the system, but then venture out to discover YOUR way/relationship with the cards. We discuss the cards, learn the cards, play the cards—and find eclectic and meaningful ways of digging deeper into the Tarot. It includes some correspondences as well—a bit of astrology, numerology, crystals, herbs and oracle. $375.00

Weekly Cards

Free weekly card offerings are posted at MagicOma (magicoma.com). You can find them at the bottom of the home page as well as in the Card Archives (top navigation). The pulls are always from different decks and offer insight as to the upcoming week or Wheel of the Year circumstances, realities, celebrations and challenges. Hints, tips and suggestions offered.  Click through the carousel below to see...

Example of 2018 weekly card offerings from various decks.

Herbal Work

At Bean of the Fields, we make bath salts and herbal blends. The salts include Rose, L&L (Lavender and Lemongrass) and Body (Eucalyptus, tea tree, calendula and such). The blends include Bitters, Immune Boost, Spirit Revival and Field of Flowers. We are also working on a sleep formula. We love sage and gathered herbs for cleansing, healing and clearing. We are open to custom orders—and can gift wrap upon request. We are big fans of herbs in the kitchen—incorporating herbs into your daily life. Check out the magic.

“Wow.. just, wow! Omigosh. You’ve surpassed anything I could have dreamed of with your incredible kindness. Thank you SO much! The package arrived today. I posted a picture on Instagram. Everything is just so lovely! I wish I lived in Vermont! You wouldn’t be able to get rid of me. I can’t wait to try everything. Truly, I’m so grateful to receive this beautiful package. It was blessed and very well-timed.”

— B. W., California



Bean of the Fields Shop and Apothecary is located at 2692 East Warren Road, Waitsfield, VT 05673. Shop hours are 12-6pm Thursday-Saturday—and always with a phone call :) 802.793.6006

Product Creation

We are currently working on three oracle decks, two books, and the re-release of metaphysical gem. Stay tuned—and be in touch if you'd love to collaborate (or discuss). All products will be sold at MagicOma (magicoma.com) later in 2019.

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