Collaborative Design Alchemy

I’ve been designing for 40 years—or, truly, all of my life. I find beauty in what surrounds me, and express that in many ways, formats, textures, colors and mediums. The pieces are all there…and one weaves them together to create the perfect harmony, the perfect collaboration, the perfect relationship. 

Your “living vision” comes together through true and deep listening—to what is said and known…and what is, otherwise, unsaid and unknown. The unforeseen is often the most pure form of the meaning and mission—and it is my gift to sort, sift and, finally, distill down to the "essence" of the brand, project or product. We percolate: the values, the purpose, the product. Then, and only then, can we collectively tell, embrace, qualify and visualize our story: our goal, hope and clear desire.

This is the “living vision” of our purpose.

In our work, we define and embrace your core and true why so that we can visually and verbally manifest. It is an eclectic and powerful approach to the most brilliant design. Realization through careful translation and alignment.

Your design comes to life in an old 1798 farmhouse in rural Vermont. Using sketchbooks, miscellaneous media, and Macs of many sorts, the creativity is inspired and fueled by you and your goal—and positively supported by the creative company of graphic collections, publications, on-line creative connections, open fields, green mountains, herbs, wildflowers, two black labs, chickens, ducks and sheep. This is where the spirit shines and the creativity thrives—and alchemy happens. 

But that’s not where it all began.

1988-1996: New York and Connecticut. Yes, some big names, so I’ll offer a few: Best Foods, Time Warner, Grolier, Better Homes and Gardens, Sony. 
1997-2019: Vermont. Special focus on packaging, identity and publication. Visit

“I distill down the true purpose so that we show up in powerful alignment. The highest potential. It’s all about relationship.” —Serena Fox

For examples of work done, I invite you go to a quick visit. The site is old, but the sentiment and approach remain the same. Briefly, I listen carefully and collaborate. This process allows us to most closely meet your needs—editorially and visually. Together, we discover the way to embrace your audience—tap into the mission and commitment (the ultimate “why”)…create devotion and increase our “family” (or audience).

Join me. We’ll not only create great art, but have so much fun doing it. 

Art is life. Work is joy. Let’s do it.


• Communicator Awards 2017
• NEIBA Book Awards 2016
• PINE Award of Excellence 2015
• Hermes Creative Award 2014
• Summit International Award 2013
• American Package Award 2012
• American Package Award 2011
• Case District II Communicator Award, 2010