Herb Blends, Bitters & Bath Salts
The Apothecary is home to herbal tinctures and custom blends for health, healing and well being. Our standard available blends include two acute immune formulas, a blend of bitters, a calming blend and an uplifting blend. We also carry aromatic epsom salt bath blends: rose, lemongrass and lavender and a body blend of eucalyptus, sage and tea tree oil.


Immune Boost: My Boost is an acute immune formula based upon Urban Moonshine™’s successful formula, Immune Zoom. It is the remedy to take when you’re “getting under the weather” and feeling “under the tow.” Testimonials avialable, but this is by far my most requested formula.* $12/1oz, $24/2oz

Big Boost:” Big Boost is just a spikier upgrade of Boost. It has more spice and cayenne, mostly, to help, raise heat, “sweet out”  fever and clear dis-ease.* $12/1oz, $24/2oz

Bitters: Our blend of bitters improves digestion—which necessarily improves overall health. Good digestion provides the most basic building block toward a return to (and/or preservation of) good health and well being. People DO better when they FEEL better. Bitters should be taken daily—especially over holiday times when carbs and sugar my clog up our normal digestive situation. Available in "bold" and chamomile.* $12/1oz, $24/2oz

Field of Flowers: A subtle blend of Red Clover, Milky Oats, Tulsi, Lemonbalm, and Lemongrass. All of these herbs contribute to a stable nervous system and an overall even/calm disposition.* $12/1oz, $24/2oz

Spirit Revival: This is our “uplifting” blend of Motherwort, Mugwort, Linden, Rose and Lemongrass. A calming and spirited blend for those who just want a bit more light, calm and grounded alignment.* $12/1oz, $24/2oz

All blends are available in 1- and 2-oz dropper bottles and cost $12 and $24 respectively. Custom tinctures (single extracts) and blends vary in cost.

Custom blends and single extracts (tinctures) are available upon request and may assist people with sleeplessness, listlessness, anxiety, depression, distraction, lack of focus, low libido, inflamation or poor circulation (for example).


Rose: Soothing and aromatic. Epson salts, dried rose petals, rose essential oil. $10/4oz, $20/8oz

L & L: Soothing, uplifting and aromatic. Epsom salts, dried lemongrass, dried lavender, lemongrass essential oil, lavender essential oil. $10/4oz, $20/8oz

Body: Great after a big physical day. Epsom salts, dried sage, eucalyptus essential oil, tea tree oil and a touch of dried calendula (for color and skin care). $10/4oz, $20/8oz

We are proud to be members of the American Botanical Council

* Ingredients available upon request.