Nourishing Community

In our various crafts, knowings and magik, we weave a tapestry to engage, enliven, ground and energize. Here are our fertile grounds: we nuture Soul Truth, spiritual community, wholeness, connection and vibrance.

MagicOma has five consistent contributors (listed below) ... and YOU. Join us.

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Discuss, exchange, express.

Tarot Dancing and Weekly Guidance
The Card of the Week offers guidance from tarot or oracle. Each week's pull is from a different deck—and may include more than one card (as guided).

Wheel of the Year Inspiration
Every season, every day, every week...the messages and offerings surround and engage. Come visit with the "now." Get inspired. Connect. 

Lunar Astro Mythology
Kelley's "Depth Astrology"—an inspirational blend of psychology, spirituality and the mythic context of our lives. Dive in...Bone Medicine Wisdom

Poetry for the senses. Come listen, meditate, travel and connect. This earth is your playground for all answers, all knowing: all comfort and wisdom.

Goddess Astrology
Goddess asteroids and moon rhythms. Monthly meditations on the power to be. Goddess Astrology... for becoming divine.

The Athena Matrix
This month, we discuss traversing challenging times with vibrance, power and positive intention. Manifest your inner wisdom. Live with vibrance.

Visit MagicOma . Raise your vibration. Trust your connection.