Stowell Farm is located in central Vermont. We homestead, garden, preserve and embrace "old-world and close-to-the-land remedies and practices for the 21st Century" (and beyond).

We provide year-round sharing circles, workshops, coaching sessions and special events. A sample schedule is printed below. You can take a virtual visit here—and sign up to be included in the mailing list there as well (scroll to the bottom of the events page).  

Education and Inspiration
Stowell Farm Workshops, Programs and Events

We’re building out our warm-month offerings. Here’s what we have going, BUT … if you have an idea, please offer it up. :) Thank you :)

• A Monthly Potluck, April 10 and more…
• CBD and Alchemy with Chloe, Homegrown Health, Saturday, May 11 from 4-6pm
• Past Life and Psychic Exporation with Bill of Pyramid, Rutland, Sunday, May 26, 2-7pm
• Kitchen Junket (music in the round), Sunday, June 23rd, 4:30-7:30pm
• Herbal 101 (Essential Herbs and Preparing Extracts) with Serena Fox, Sunday, July 7, 4-6pm
• Herbal Essences and Wellbeing with Roberta of Roberta’s Herbs, Sunday, July 21, 4-6pm
• Cheese Making with Robin McDermott, Sunday, August 4, 4-6pm
• Bee Keeping with Gib Geiger, Sunday, August 18, 4-6pm
• An Introduction the Astrology with Hera Morgan, Sunday, September 1, 4-6pm
• An Introduction to Essential Oils with Angie Andrews, Sunday, September 15, 4-6pm
• An Introduction to Tarot with Beana Hanselmann, Sunday, September 29, 4-6pm
• Making Creams and Oil Blends with Serena Fox, Sunday, October 13, 4-6pm
• Sharing Circle: Women’s group. Support and Empowerment. (Every other Sunday beginning April 7th)
• Life Art & Story Medicine and The Business of Me (programs—ongoing)

A DAY ON THE FARM:  Fun, Healthy Homesteading
Please join us at Stowell Farm for a day of  foraging, cooking and a healthy taste of "life-on-the-farm." All Saturdays or Sundays by appointment. 802.496.2326

Mail us at to learn more or sign up for an event. Sharing Circles and Workshops



The coaching (which I sometimes call “council”) is based on the core idea of spiritual healing —and this is accomplished working with principals of Carl Jung, Internal Family Systems, Sydney Banks and many eclectic and holistic modalities. Healing and clarity are approached from a solid understanding of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought — coupled with the physical idea of truth, expansion and manifestation. Sessions (or consult) can be booked HERE ( It's council vs. counsel as we truly work together to source solution—align and empower. More info here.