Work in a casual manner of exchange and discussion. Working with deep listening and principles of Integrated Family Systems (IFS) and Sydney Banks, clients work toward finding their own sense of power and direction. We witness the idea of “thought”—and the power to shape experience—and build our own “tool box” of resources. Ultimately, there is nothing to fix—just lots to know. Other modalities are introduced based on your resonance. One-on-one, couples and families welcome. 

Meetings are scheduled daily (including weekends) 10:00am–6:30pm. Please call to confirm or request openings.
Please call 802.793.6006 to schedule.


Herbal Education:
Graduate of Mandala Botanicals (Local Healers Program). Introduction to Herbal Health and Biodynamics. Sandra Loray, Herbalist.
September, 2014
Graduate of Urban Moonshine School of Herbal Medicine. Continued Herbal Education with Guido Masé, Herbalist. December, 2015
Graduate of Community Herbalism. Sandra Loray, Herbalist. September, 2016

Therapeutic Education:
Three Principles (Approach to Health Realization)
Extended Professional Training Program.
Dr. Jack Pransky. Theory of Dr. Sydney Banks.     
Certificate, November, 2014 and March, 2016
Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Dr. Richard Schwartz.     
3 CE Certificate, November, 2015
State of Vermont (Board of Allied Health Practitioners)
Non-licensed and Non-Certified Psychotherapist.    Holistic Tarot Practitioner
Member, Tarosophy Tarot Association
Member, American Tarot Association (ATA)

Learn, share, heal, thrive…Enjoy!”